Third and Long: The History of African Americans in Pro Football


Lamar and Bud
Photo Credit: Pro Football Hall of Fame
Lamar Hunt and Bud Adams
Chuck D and Theresa
Photo Credit: Diana More
Chuck D and Executive Producer Theresa Moore
Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated
Bobby Mitchell with Washington Redskins
Paul Brown and John Wooten
Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated
Paul Brown and John Wooten
3d01847u MLK and Malcolm X
Photo Credit: Library of Congress
Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
 1963 PoitierBelafonteHestonCivilRightsMarch1963
Photo Credit: National Archives
Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte and Charlton Heston at the March on Washngton
Henry and Rochelle Ford resized
Photo Credit: Henry and Rochelle Ford
Henry and Rochelle Ford, whose story is featured in "Third and Long," have enjoyed a fifty-two year inter-racial marriage.